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Executive coaching

Certified by Marshall Goldsmith & New Ventures West/Third Bridge, as well as a Master Coaching & Consulting for Change from Oxford University & HEC Paris, providing a foundation for growth & performance of mid-career level professionals


Transformation & change, commercial excellence such as pricing excellence, sales force management, customer value management, and business & market analytics

research & knowledge

Research in the area of personal, team and organisational development with regular publications of in-depth long-reads and post with easy-to-apply management advise

STRATZR is a network consulting & coaching company, based in Zurich, Switzerland and is internationally active. We specialise in transformation & change management, commercial excellence consulting and executive coaching for mid-level career professionals.

STRATZR represents over 18 years of global experience with blue chips, small/medium enterprises and startups in the private sector and cooperates with a network of experts.


Bjorn Schigt

Björn Schigt, Managing Director & Executive Coach of STRATZR since 2016. Connect & find Björn’s full cv on Linkedin.

The tiny + in STRATZR’s logo has an important meaning as it stands for plus expert network. STRATZR has a great network of experts in various areas of expertise, who we can rely on when required by our clients.


I am a Dutch/Swiss national, lived in 7 countries and fluent in English, German and Dutch. My professional career took me to all corners of the globe, in consulting, operational and regional/country executive roles. My employers were mainly blue chip companies, before I decided to become an Executive Coach & independent consultant.

People describe me as analytical, visionary and quality-focused, but also pragmatic in adjusting methodologies to the context of my clients. I have a vast experience in leadership and business, which allows me to understand the context of your coaching needs in detail.

Employer track record:

  • Holcim (now LafargeHolcim), the world’s #1 building materials supplier)
  • CRH, the world’s #3 building materials supplier
  • Hilti, a global leader in construction technology, products, and systems
  • Engie, a global energy and services group


I am currently finishing my Master Thesis for the Executive Master Program Consulting & Coaching for Change at Oxford/Said Business SchoolHEC Paris.

I am a Double Master Graduate of CEMS and Rotterdam School of Management, and enjoyed exchange semesters in Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland. I have majored in Strategy & Marketing Management and International Management.

My post-graduate executive education took place at:

  • The Wharton School: Marketing Metrics linking marketing to financial consequences
  • Harvard Business School: Competing on Analytics and Big Data
  • London Business School: Corporate Finance 
  • IMD in Lausanne: Executive Leadership and Management programs

Executive Coaching

6-12 Sessions Executive Coaching programs:
For both individuals and teams focusing on personal & career development, resilience, interpersonal dynamics, corporate politics, performance.

The Ascend to your Summit program:
A workout for mind and body, combining certified executive coaching with a light walk in nature and the inspiring energy of the Swiss mountains and lakes. Nature makes you feel grounded and nature restores your mind and body. Nature is the perfect enabler for reflective thinking.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC):
Developed by #1 Leadership Thinker Marshall Goldsmith, SCC stands for more than 40 years for a proven methodology with guaranteed measurable leadership growth for both individual and teams.

In partnership with Certified Professional Assessment Agencies, I offer leadership & behavioural assessments.

Transformation Consulting

Managing change and Commercial Excellence have a greater impact than ever before. Companies are shifting from cutting costs to driving growth. But customer expectations, increased competition, and greater information transparency have companies asking: what is the way forward, how do we change?

STRATZR gladly shares transformation & change expertise and experience in:

Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence means that you excel in all your commercial activities, ranging from Pricing to Sales Force Management, but also Customer Value Management. 

  • Pricing excellence: value-based pricing, pricing strategy, target pricing, price increase tactics, pricing policy & grid, price & margin tracking
  • Pricing simulation game: showing the impact of price increases & profitability
  • Sales force management: sales preparation, execution & impact tracking, matching sales profiles with customer types
  • Commercial performance indicators: data analytics, effective usage of KPI’s
  • Customer value management: willingness-to-pay segmentation, service & product positioning
Ascend to your Summit - Central Switzerland - professional life coaching by STRATZR
Professional Life Coaching

Our clients are mid to top level executives, who ask for career and life coaching. The typical topics we support relate to how to:

  • Manage a life/career change and deal with road blocks in the best way possible
  • Manage your next career step and get recognition for your efforts
  • Make the most out of your annual appraisal meeting
  • Manage non-performing direct reports or deal with negative team dynamics
  • Manage transformation projects and benefit from coaching
  • Improve intrinsic motivation of direct reports, or set the right incentives to boost extrinsic motivation
Commercial Excellence Consulting

Most of our projects take place in the industrial sector, specifically in the construction and building materials industry.

Notable achievements:

  • Commercial Excellence diagnostics at 50+ companies across the globe, ranging from large organizations to SME’s
  • Pricing excellence projects in more than 15 companies, which focus on margin management, pricing frameworks, pricing documentation (anti-competition compliance), and training
  • Sales force management projects in more than 15 companies, setting sales targets, sales progress monitoring tools, sales visit preparation and execution training, and incentive scheme development
  • Customer value management in more than 20 companies, identifying customer needs, customer willingness-to-pay segmentation, value proposition development, and sales force training
Transformation & Development

Transformation projects have an enormous impact on people and organizations. Employees face different expectations in terms of behavior, face different tools and work methods, and are expected to adapt to a new reality.

A high acceptance of and active participation in the transformation among the workforce, is essential. Our experience in the field of coaching and development is a commercial organization transformation project for an international industrial player:

  • Identification of the required skills & competencies for the entire commercial job family
  • Development and implementation of communication and interaction activities with the commercial workforce to foster acceptance
  • Assessment & development of the entire commercial workforce across 15 markets
  • Setting up a regional commercial academy for skills & competencies development together with the commercial and HR leadership teams
  • Setting up coaching training for department and team leaders
  • Implementation of sharper incentive programs to sustain the implementation

400+ commercial employees participated in the transformation and the project has served as the standard for global roll-out.

Hospitality Margin Management

Restaurants and bars are typically SME’s and have little access to commercial expertise, due to restricted financial resources and the focus on the day-to-day business.

One of STRATZR’s clients in the hospitality industry is a renowned bar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which wanted to maximize profit in a sustainable manner.  STRATZR worked closely together with the owner and manager on implementing the following:

  • Price & margin analysis for all food & beverages
  • Competitor pricing research
  • Price & margin management tools, such as tracker dashboards
  • Price increase strategy and communication methods
  • Pricing coaching

The results are very positive, sustainable over a long period of time and customer acceptance is very high.

Financial Services Support

STRATZR helps solve complex strategic and operational challenges, test hypotheses, gain market feedback.

Our clients are financial services providers, such as investment banks and hedge funds, but also family offices and other investors.

We also support renowned strategy consulting companies which want to test their hypotheses.

Start-up Coaching & Participation

STRATZR is an active participator in the dutch startup De Nationale Huispas (The National Housepass), which provides an online platform for home owners and home owner associations to:

  • Store and collect all property related documents and data
  • Record and track all renovation and home improvement activities (including materials, contractors, quality, etc.)
  • Automatically plan future renovation and maintenance projects for 17 different parts of their property

De Nationale Huispas connects home owners and home owner associations with service providers, such as property insurers, mortgage lenders, and contractors. These so-called business partners provide preferred terms and conditions to home owners and home owners, when they can provide property information, which is valuable to the respective business partners.

NGO Mentorship & Coaching

STRATZR has participated as a mentor in Berlin-based Enpact’s startup and mentoring program for East Africa.

The eight-month long international Startup Mentoring program combines traditional one-on-one mentoring with unique learning opportunities in groups with entrepreneurs from around the world. The program fosters both vertical and horizontal knowledge exchange.

A variety of innovative components like startup camps, startup safaris, lounges, expert workshops and national round tables secure the creation of a sustainable network that offers first-hand insights into the working realities of different ecosystems.

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