28 Jan: Prevent or react: it is all about coaching for the right mindset

Have you have ever told your team to get on with it and deliver what was agreed? I am pretty sure you have. It is completely normal. And it happens over and over again. Unfortunately, your team will come up with excuses and adopt a defensive approach, to explain to you why they did not perform. How can you evolve from managing to coaching, when your team member does not have the right mindset, but does have the competencies to do the task?

11 Jan: Counter leadership stress with compassion

Managers do what needs to be done within the boundaries set by the organization. Leaders extend the boundaries of the organization. Extending the boundaries means that leaders need to make people feel comfortable and able to take that step. As a result of this demand for influencing others and the increased responsibility of the position, leaders experience a form of stress called power stress. In addition, to be effective as a leader requires the regular exercise of self-control: placing the good of the organisation above personal impulses and needs. This is stressful too.

07 Jan: Always change a winning team!

Especially in sports the adagium Never Change a Winning Team is what coaches live by. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? is probably what you have heard at work. But does it make sense to leave things as they are when you are successful? Is your magic formula forever creating top-results? What happens if your successful product becomes obsolete and you have little room to change course, because all your processes have been set up for that one product? Let’s have a look at 3 examples showing the importance of changing a winning team.