26 Mar: Nature for a positive mind: walk more and build resilience

How do you feel when you walk the streets down town, full with traffic, people rushing, noise everywhere, tall buildings blocking the sunlight?How do you feel when you are hiking in the mountains, smelling alpine flowers, pine trees, being surrounded by trees, lakes, cows and perhaps a few deer or ibexes? I am pretty certain that you feel a lot better in the mountains. Nature has a healing effect and makes you feel better. Sure, a short city trip may fill you with energy, but a longer holiday surrounded by nature, being it the beach and ocean or the mountains and forests recharges your batteries. How come?

19 Mar: Is it possible to change the mindset of a large organisation, such as a multinational?

Is it possible to change the mindset of a large organisation, such as a multinational? The question is, whether it is possible to scale the principles of Action Science to a larger group, such as an organisation, to change its mindset and thereby improving the actions for the intended outcomes. To understand the possibility, I will reflect on the impact of group dynamics and circumstantial influences on the application of Action Science to a larger group. These dynamics and influences – such as trust, motivation, cultural differences, distances between entities, and constant change – impact group behaviour and therefore the success rate of a collective learning intervention to achieve a mindset change, on individual level and various size levels of an organisation. My reflection.

05 Mar: Better safe than sorry…? Nah, let’s do it!

If you would like to look back on your life when you are old, would you plan to say that it was a great adventure, or that you felt safe? The answer has a lot to do with your personality and how you regulate your motivations with respect to what you want to achieve: do you focus on promotion (self-growth) or prevention (no errors)? The same is valid for your co-workers; it helps to understand what motivates them and to avoid misunderstandings, wrong expectations and mismatches between leaders and their direct reports. How do you recognise the 2 types of regulatory focuses and what motivates them? What is the impact in the workplace? What are the implications for Leaders and HR responsibilities?