21 May: Manipulation of decisions: how it happens and how to prevent it

Have you ever had the feeling that the outcome of a steering committee meeting was manufactured prior to the meeting itself? That the discussions were directed into a favourable outcome for a few of the members, positive or negative? I have been a member of many steering committees and reported to a few too. In quite a number of cases, I felt that the meeting was just a formality. Obviously, office politics played a major role, mostly on the expense of engagement of all people involved – not to speak about the commitment to implement the decision. This is how it happens.

14 May: We talk a lot about leadership, but what about teamship?

Everybody talks about leaders and leadership. But what about teamship? The larger the teams, the larger the complexity is of achieving the same goal. Collective action occurs when a number of people work together to achieve some common goal. I believe that company culture and performance depend largely on group dynamics and in particular if collective action can be achieved. IF it can be achieved at all. Because quite often, group members do not seem to be willing to achieve the same goal. We speak about a collective action problem.

06 May: How to intervene when CEO Narcissism kills psychological safety in the organisation

Two important ingredients for successful organisations: a slightly narcissistic CEO and psychological safety within the organisation. But what happens when a very narcissistic CEO turns in to a Big Bad Wolf and starts treating human beings as objects? Try maintaining psychological safety in the team, which sounds like Little Red Cap giving feedback to the Big Bad Wolf, dressed up as her grandmother, and she about the size of his mouth. It is not working out very well. So, to which extent can they coexist? What needs to be in place to make sure that the Wolf keeps his charm, but does not eat Little Red Cap? How can Little Red Cap believe that she can provide a reality check to the Wolf without being eaten? In this essay, I will address the importance of both psychological safety and CEO narcissism and I will discuss possible interventions to prevent the coexistence of these two potential opposites of going over the tipping point from constructive narcissism toward reactive and destructive narcissism.