27 Jan: Only jump off the cliff when you know you can swim

The comfort zone. A recurring theme in most of my coaching programs. In popular literature, it is considered the starting point for personal growth, before you enter your fear zone, learning zone and finally growth zone. I believe you should strive to be in a constant state of comfort, avoiding the fear zone while embracing learning and growth in a comfortable way. Being comfortable means that you aware and mindful of the situations you may face, both unexpectedly and as expected. That you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and feel comfortable with them, that you truly know your self. The benefit of such a state of mind, is that you can skip the fear zone and be constantly ready to learn and grow - which reinforces your comfort zone and reduces the chance of entering the fear zone significantly. However there is one pitfall to watch out for: climb Mount Stupid with overconfidence and fall of the cliff into the Valley of Despair.

04 Jan: Future of Recruitment Agencies along the Oxford Scenario Planning Approach

In this essay I address a future scenario for recruitment agencies in developed countries and I will lean on elements of the Oxford Scenario Planning Approach, in order to suggest future business scenarios for recruitment agencies and head hunters. In order to assess whether my assumptions and scenarios have validity and are valuable to the industry, I would like to invite recruitment agencies to do so.