ELEVATE: seasoned leaders

ELEVATE: seasoned leaders

CHF 14,900 ex 7.7% VAT

The ELEVATE program is developed for seasoned leaders, ranging from Senior Directors to SVPs, who want to raise their game and stay ahead.

The ELEVATE program is fully supported by our PROGREZR Dashboard, the end-to-end online coaching suite for session notes, actions & progress tracking and document storage.

The ELEVATE program consists out of:

  • Objective setting (commonly in a tripartite with your line manager)
  • The renowned Empathic Leadership through Psychological Safety Excellence assessment, identifying your strengths and development areas in relation to team impact, measured over 6 pillars
  • In total 12 sessions of 120 minutes each, ideally twice a month over the course of 9 months
  • Progress tracking and measuring competencies

Common topics include:

  • Leadership style
  • Stakeholder management
  • Team engagement & commitment
  • Team ownership & productivity
  • Team performance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Corporate navigation
  • Career direction & development

The sessions take place via video calls, unless agreed otherwise (additional costs may apply)