Psychological Safety Excellence Program for Leaders who want a full command of psychological safety to drive performance

Psychological Safety Excellence Program for Leaders

psychological safety drives performance

This 6 months Leadership Program offers a unique trajectory to obtain full command of psychological safety to drive performance:

  • 2 Hour structured interview which has been proven to be successful for The Chief Empathy Officer and allows for organisational and leadership bench marking with other CEOs and leaders in a 9 page report. The interview is targeting the Values & Beliefs, Attitude & Perception, and Behaviour concerning Psychological Safety.
  • The Psychological Safety Excellence Assessment (50+ pages), which used Hogan Personality Data as input and produces science-backed insight in how you promote, risk, hinder and sustain Psychological Safety under normal and stressful circumstances. The assessment is targeting the Personality impact on Psychological Safety.
  • 2 Days of reflection, feedback and constructing a Psychological Safety Excellence Roadmap, based on the assessment and interview. The Roadmap can be build for up to 6 Psychological Safety Pillars, depending on your priorities
  • 6 Monthly Psychological Safety Excellence Road Map coaching sessions along the milestones and actions you have set for yourself

The interview shows you to which extent you apply psychological safety in your team and the potential to improve. Also, you will obtain insight if your organisational setup supports the application of psychological safety in order to drive performance.

The assessment provides you with insight into how you are perceived when you are at your best (your bright side) and when you are under stress (your dark side). The assessment measures how you bright side promotes and risks Psychological Safety in your team, and how your dark side hinders and sustains psychological safety.

For both your bright and dark side, the scores are distributed over the 6 Psychological Safety Excellence pillars:

  • Innovation & new ideas creation
  • Job & life satisfaction
  • Team engagement & commitment
  • Team ownership & responsibility
  • Team performance
  • Team voice, trust & integrity

Depending on your (company’s) priorities, you can develop your road map to Psychological Safety Excellence for a selection or all of the 6 pillars.

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