THRIVE: executive onboarding

THRIVE: executive onboarding

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The THRIVE program supports executives and experts in successfully onboarding and creating the best foundation for performance.

The THRIVE program consists out of:

  • Clearly defining and breaking down the expectations and deliverables set for the new role
  • Facilitating a smooth integration into the company culture
  • Supporting the creation of the rules of engagement of the team
  • Guidance on stakeholder management and peer presence
  • In total 9 sessions of 90 minutes each, ideally twice a month over the course of 3 months followed by 3 monthly sessions
  • Progress tracking and measuring competencies

The sessions take place via video calls, unless agreed otherwise (additional costs may apply)

Common topics include:

  • Clarifying role & responsibilities
  • Cultural integration
  • Developing the rules of engagement in the team
  • Building the network
  • Identification of high urgency topics
  • Creating a 1-3-6 months roadmap
  • Leadership presence
  • Team agenda & expectations setting

The Vital Role of External Coaches in Executive Onboarding

Transitioning into a new executive role is a complex challenge, and nearly 50% of executives face difficulties in their new positions. In such a critical phase, the presence of an external coach can be a game-changer. This is why executives could benefit from an external coach during their onboarding process.

Objective Perspective
External coaches bring an impartial viewpoint, free from internal biases. This allows them to offer honest feedback, challenge assumptions, and provide constructive insights, all crucial in an executive's decision-making process.

Accelerated Learning Curve
In the fast-paced world of executive leadership, time is of the essence. External coaches, with their wealth of experience, can rapidly bring executives up to speed with the organization's culture, processes, and strategic objectives, enabling them to make informed decisions from the start.

Confidentiality and Trust
Executives often grapple with sensitive issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing internally. An external coach provides a confidential and secure space for executives to freely express their thoughts, concerns, and uncertainties, fostering open communication.

Customized Support
Recognizing that every executive and organization is unique, external coaches tailor their support to specific needs, goals, and challenges. This personalized approach ensures that the executive receives targeted guidance and resources aligned with their role and the organization's objectives.

Accountability and Goal Setting
External coaches play a vital role in holding executives accountable for their goals and commitments. By establishing clear objectives and milestones, coaches help executives track their progress, ensuring they remain focused on achieving their desired outcomes.

Emotional Support and Well-being
Executive roles can be emotionally demanding, often leading to feelings of isolation or stress. An external coach provides a supportive and empathetic presence, helping executives navigate their emotions and providing strategies to maintain their well-being and resilience.

The success of an executive's onboarding process significantly impacts an organization's performance. With nearly half of executives facing challenges in new roles, having an external coach becomes invaluable. Their objective perspective, accelerated learning, confidentiality, customized support, accountability, and emotional well-being are essential ingredients for a successful onboarding experience. Embracing this partnership is a strategic investment in the executive's success and the organization's future prosperity.